Cable Technician
Responsibilities: Installing data and voice cable systems, home routers, TV boxes, home phones and troubleshooting any problems with the cable system.

Requirements: USA Driving License, Social Security Number, Proficient English User, tools.

Experience: Not required.

Wage: $1400-$2000 per week.
Vacancy description
Introduction period
You are doing the first steps in your telecommunication career. One week of professional training on the route with our experienced cable technician where he will show and explain everything in detail and you are ready to start work separately.

Training period is unpaid because you are receiving theoretical knowledge by watching and listening.

Independent work
Even if you are not confident about your abilities don't be afraid, our supervisors and cable technicians are always ready to help you. If you paid attention during the training everything will be great.
Keep in mind that first few months you will complete not more than 5-7 assignments per day. We are working in 30 miles area around the warehouse. Normally cable techs have 6 days work week. If you are working on short-term projects it can be 7 days work week. The work schedule is 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. There is always availability to request additional assignments from the dispatcher if you want. An experienced tech can do 9-12 assignments per day and for each assignment you get paid. We have a 2-3 weeks salary hold depends on the market.
Technical side of Cable techs
The most important thing in our job is a qualified service for our customers in buildings, apartments, etc. To do everything in the best way we are using a special application on our phone to control tasks, activate equipment, and meter to check the signal. The City Cable USA provides all necessary cable equipment to complete the installation including cables, fittings, splitters, TV boxes, routers, etc.
Required Tools List
Total amount: $400-$800
Required Types of Vehicle
First steps to start your cable career with us
Leave your request on our official website.
Interview with our manager
You have the interview with our HR Manager, he/she is answering all your questions regarding the position and receiving all information that is needed to move forward with your application.
We are starting your background check and sending you an invitation for the drug test.
The whole process takes 1-2 weeks.
Starting of job/training
Right after we begin with your paperwork you start the training with our supervisor. During that time we will be preparing your badge and technical number. Once the training is completed and we have your badge and technical number you start your work
Why should you choose us?
  • 1
    You can always count on our supervisors, they are ready to assist anytime.
  • 2
    High pay rates
    We are providing the biggest installation pay rates in the field.
  • 3
    Control of completed tasks
    We will make sure that you will get paid for each installation.
  • 4
    You will get a Certificate for the completed full course of fiber training.
  • 5
    Career growth
    We appreciate our best technicians and ready to promote them in our company.
  • 6
    Various locations and exciting projects
    We cover more than 15 states and have various locations to work in.
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