Not Fictional Stories

There was a cable guy named John. John was known for his sense of humor and ability to make colleagues laugh even on the most difficult work days. One day, John and his team were working on cabling in a new building and ran into a rather unusual problem.

When they were pulling a cable through the ceiling, it accidentally got stuck in a pipe. They tried to pull him back and forth, but he did not give in. John came up with a brilliant idea - he decided to use a vacuum cleaner to imbibe the cable out of the pipe.

While John was vacuuming, the cable suddenly broke off and flew out of the pipe, hitting him in the face. Everyone burst out laughing, including John, who had a giant rope-shaped bruise on his forehead.

From that day on, John became known as "The Cable Vacuumer" and was teased by his colleagues by pretending to vacuum his face every time they saw him. Despite the setback, the team was able to successfully complete the installation, and John's sense of humor helped make the rest of the day more enjoyable.

The end.